A premarriage course to help you understand your wedding vows and prepare for marriage.

Dave and Ashley Willis walk couples through an in-depth study on each marriage vow and how it applies to your future relationship. Each video teaching will provide practical explanations and helpful information for how you can navigate living out these vows in your marriage.

Video Sessions

  • Introduction 2 MINS
  • I Take You To Be My Husband/Wife 19 MINS
  • To Love and To Cherish 19 MINS
  • For Better or For Worse 19 MINS
  • For Richer or Poorer 20 MINS
  • Forsaking All Others 19 MINS
  • In Sickness and In Health 20 MINS
  • Until Death Do Us Part 23 MINS
  • Total length 2 HRS, 20 MINS


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  • Companion Discussion Guide PDF DOWNLOAD
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"Don't just plan for your wedding that lasts a day, plan for your marriage that lasts a lifetime." -Dave & Ashley Willis

Dave and Ashley Willis spent thirteen years in full-time church ministry before devoting their work entirely toward the global mission of building stronger, Christ-centered marriages. Their marriage-related books, blogs, podcast, speaking events and media resources have reached millions of couples around the world making Dave and Ashley one of the most recognized and trusted couples in marriage ministry.

Dave and Ashley partnered with XO Marriage in 2018. XO is the nation's largest marriage-focused ministry. As part of the XO Team, Dave and Ashley speak at all XO events, host the #1 marriage podcast The Naked Marriage, have authored many books, and co-host the MarriageToday television broadcast on the Daystar Network.